Summer Book Series

A College Student's Take on Atomic Habits

As a new Manta Intern, I was tasked with reading the 2022 Summer Book Series novels that all concentrate on personal growth and stepping outside of comfort zones. Atomic Habits, by James Clear, surprised me with the amount of relatable content for someone who just completed their freshman year of college. After reading it, I realized that my life at college was defined by habits that I created over the years.

Summer Book Series

Vertex11 Summer Book Series 2022 Kickoff

Join us for another installment of our Summer Book Series, where we look outside our industry for inspiration to solve common challenges. Last year our focus was on leadership, and this year we are taking a different approach by concentrating on personal growth and making change. If this is your first time participating, I will give you a little background.

Summer Book Series

Perspective On The Final Book In Our Summer Book Series: Uncommon Service By Frances Frei & Anne Morriss

You can’t be good at everything. The authors make the case that striving for all-around excellence leads directly to mediocrity. For us, this is really a risk appetite discussion. Does your organization want to try to be great at everything at the risk of being mediocre or even worse? In organizations today, this conversation really isn’t had enough. The case can be made that you’ll never get all the funding you need to make every aspect of cybersecurity great.

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