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Risk Management customized for your risk profile and appetite.

Identifying, managing, and mitigating risks to achieve your organization's strategic objectives is critical. We help on all fronts, empowering you to anticipate future challenges and get out ahead of any potential threats.

An essential part of our risk solution is understanding what makes sense for your organization to develop your risk profile and uncover the true threats you are facing. Then together, we determine the amount of risk your organization is willing to accept while pursuing the business objectives.

Risk Management Solutions

Not sure what you need? We can show you the best path to Risk Management success.

    • Develop a top-down risk based approach to achieve and maintain a sustainable Sarbanes-Oxley program.

    • Combine flows and narratives into digestible controls documentation that facilitate external audit walkthroughs and identify gaps to avoid surprises.

    • Access to over 500 controls across both financial and technological processes.

    • Remediate significant deficiencies and material weaknesses with the ability to fix controls, policies, procedures and business processes.

    • Assess your risk management strategy against risk frameworks and the external risk landscape.
    • Align risk management with corporate strategic priorities.
    • Develop risk management strategic road maps to achieve risk management program target state.
    • Assess existing resourcing and organizational structure with our comprehensive risk management
      services catalog.
    • Design high-performing risk management organization from top to bottom.
    • Provide temporary and permanent resources to fill gaps in your organization.
    • Design, implement, and optimize your policies and procedures.
    • Assist or lead in the identification of gaps or opportunities to improve your policies and procedures.
    • Design, implement, and optimize remediation management processes and capabilities.
    • Implement processes to achieve sustainable success and improve on-time delivery of audit and examiner commitments.
    • Design, implement, and optimize how your organization assesses risks.
    • Assist or lead in the identification of risks to the organization.
    • Assist or lead in the development of risk treatment plans for top risks.
    • Design, implement, and optimize how your organization tests controls.
    • Assist or lead in the testing of controls in your organization.
    • Optimize your existing controls testing program to drive more efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Design metrics that tell the story of your day-to-day risk management at a glance.
    • Board-level dashboards that engage, educate, and drive risk management success.

Risk Management Case Studies & Resources

  • SOX case study blog

    Implementing Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Compliance Within 90 Days.

  • Outstanding deficiencies

    Quickly catching a firm up on outstanding deficiencies after they had fallen significantly behind.

  • Saa S Case study

    Alleviating a firm’s “Pain in the SaaS” to overcome a Risk Management crisis copy.

  • Not a lock 2

    Security Is Not A Fence, A Cage, Or A Lock. Let’S Stop Thinking Of It This Way.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

“Direct access to security and GRC expertise really sets Vertex11 apart. You just don’t get this type of collaborative relationship with the big four companies.”

Business Continuity Manager, Telecom Company

“Vertex11 is one of the best consulting shops in the security business, particularly in the regulated world.”

Risk Management Executive, Large Investment Bank

“18 minutes with Vertex11 saved me 2 hours of banging my head against the wall.”

Head of IT Risk Management, Financial Services Firm

“Vertex11 didn’t just solve my challenge. They helped me think ahead and also avoid future issues. Choosing them was a great business decision. They’re now my go-to team.”

CISO, Financial Services Firm

“Vertex11 delivers smart and nimble solutions that set us up for success. It’s no coincidence that a member of our team was promoted as a direct result of the engagement.”

Director of Business Continuity, Telecom Company

“Vertex11 provides the smart thinking and thought leadership that every company should leverage in the world of cybersecurity.”

Head of Security GRC, Top Ten Bank

“Given the early stage of our company, we didn’t have a very structured controls environment. Vertex11 helped us shore up our significant deficiencies and material weaknesses. Our board was very happy.”

Chief Accounting Officer, Energy Company

“Vertex11 is helping us transition from start-up to eventual IPO by guiding us through the regulation and audit processes. They make it easy.”

VP of IT Ops, Energy Company
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