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By Ray Vazquez on March 13, 2022

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The Challenge

Software as a Service (SaaS) helps organizations achieve capabilities quickly. The downside is that it can also potentially create many challenges involving security data confidentiality and business recovery. A highly regulated firm saw explosive growth of SaaS applications in their environment within a short period of time. They needed to quickly assess their exposure across multiple risk domains and develop remediation plans within ninety days of the engagement. This challenge occurred when the management team responsible for supporting SaaS was experiencing significant turnover, creating gaps in client resources.

Vertex11’s Role

  • Designed and implemented a quick strike approach to assess the firm’s SaaS risk
  • Designed and implemented a risk management and remediation approach to deliver relief quickly
  • Engaged and trained the client on understanding risk and threats associated with SaaS
  • Plugged in the gaps caused by open positions and significant turnover
  • Leveraged project management capabilities, security architecture, and SaaS expertise
  • Engaged SaaS vendors directly on behalf of client to quickly facilitate data gathering
  • Worked with over ten company stakeholders that had diverse concerns and needs
  • Delivered a consolidated risk profile that aligned with strategic approach to managing SaaS

Success Story

The firm received smart, nimble, and on point recommendations to quickly close and improve their SaaS-related security and risk vulnerabilities. They were able to achieve this within the timeframe allotted. The firm now has a framework for evaluating this type of challenge in the future. With this comes the ability to prioritize where they need to make key investments and achieve economies of scale. All without impacting critical initiatives taking place.

The Vertex11 Advantage

When a client is presented with a “Pain in the SaaS,” we are always nimble and adaptable, especially when there is a critical deadline to be met. In this situation we were able to work even more efficiently because of Vertex11’s expertise in SaaS technology, enterprise risk management, and cybersecurity. Some of our competitors would have had to bring in individual subject-matter experts to handle these complexities, resulting in higher costs and a slower process. They may have also used the firm’s gaps in personnel as an excuse to delay. We instead leaned on our experience to manage around the lack of resources to still deliver on time.

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