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By Ray Vazquez on March 13, 2022

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Meeting their customer service level agreement for recovery time and recovery point objectives.

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The Challenge

A publicly owned company needed to meet a customer requirement. The ask was to demonstrate the ability to recover and restore its services in order to meet service level agreements for recovery time and recovery point objectives. They initially hired a larger firm to help them meet these requirements, however that firm failed to adequately deliver during their six-month partnership. This resulted in an even shorter timeline and a smaller budget for this company to demonstrate its continuity capabilities to their customer.

Vertex11’s Role

  • Designed and implemented a quick strike approach

  • Served as subject-matter experts regarding NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-34 control frameworks

  • Assessed company’s capabilities to meet recovery service level agreements

  • Assisted with updates to continuity plans

  • Designed and implemented tabletop exercises of recovery plans

  • Identified areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • Strengthened the company’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans

Success Story

Our client was able to identify the right issues to remediate within the shortened timeframe and under the remaining budget they had allocated for the project, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Management is now highly confident in the organization’s ability to recover from unplanned events and they were able to reallocate their remaining budget to satisfy other needs.

The Vertex11 Advantage

Unlike many of our competitors, we believe in leaving things better than how we found them. This situation is a perfect example of that. They first enlisted a larger firm that didn’t achieve the required results after six months. We came in and delivered what they needed in two months, ahead of time and under budget. Also, many of our competitors are not very experienced in dealing with a real-world crisis or unplanned outage. For the team at Vertex11, these situations are not theoretical. We’ve seen it all and understand the enormous pressures involved to deliver. Our vast experience is your organization’s advantage. We always address the root cause of a challenge and never just a symptom, making sure the fix is permanent.

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