For Good

Vertex11 and the Manta Trust partner together to help save a threatened species.

The manta ray is one of the most intelligent species in the ocean, having the largest brain-to-size ratio of any cold-blooded fish. They can recognize themselves in a mirror and obtain similar cognitive capabilities as dolphins. These special skills are why Vertex11 has chosen the manta ray to represent us as a brand. This relationship is also why we feel a deep obligation to protect them to the best of our abilities. Manta rays are constantly attacked and hunted for their meat and gill plates.

For Good

National Nonprofit Day Spotlight: Richmond Cycling Corps

As the nation celebrates National Nonprofit Day, Vertex11 would like to take this opportunity to recognize one of the nonprofit organizations we support—Richmond Cycling Corps. They’re on a mission to change the lives of Richmond youth living in the heart of the East End by constantly pivoting towards relevant outreach. Speaking with Richmond Cycling Corps Director of Development, Brad Kaplan points out that cycling isn’t mentioned in their mission statement.…

The Swarm

The Swarm Network is Vertex11’s affiliation with firms across the United States and internationally to provide expertise, capability, and velocity to any challenge our clients face.

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