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By Ray Vazquez on March 13, 2022

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From demonstration to maintenance, setting them up for success.

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The Challenge

As part of a digital transformation, a highly regulated company needed to move to the cloud and quickly demonstrate that it could pass controls and regulatory compliance. AWS gave them a great foundation, however with over 300 different controls to consider and prioritize, they needed help demonstrating compliance and maintaining controls after the initial test.

Vertex11’s Role

  • Developed an agile approach to organize objectives and steps to get there
  • Determined the critical controls that needed to be audited
  • Implemented out-of-the-box game plan to pass AWS cloud security controls audit
  • Translated their existing controls documentation to a cloud version
  • Helped them navigate the AWS third-party audit component
  • Ensured proper compliance documentation was in order to go-live
  • Provided pre-populated controls artifacts
  • Advised on how to provide dynamic evidence of compliance
  • Updated their incident management plan
  • Updated their disaster recovery plan

Success Story

The company was able to move to the cloud without any setbacks due to compliance or security requirements. They had all the evidence they needed to move forward with their digital transformation. Not just checking the box with auditors, but also taking advantage of transformation capabilities like continuous checking, data management, and data recovery. All while protecting their stakeholder's private and personal information.

The Vertex11 Advantage

Other firms would have thrown three times the number of people at the project than we did, inflating the time and cost. We were able to stay small and nimble because our team was already AWS experienced and had already done this a number of times before with other companies. Our team consisted of ex-auditors and security specialists that understood what “done” means and did not have to consult with the hierarchy you would normally get in a consulting firm. We also prefer to work side-by-side with the client. So as we built things, we were building them together. Coaching the client through the entire process step by step to easily turnkey the project in the end, so they could continue without us. Saving them time and money. We were truly embedded with the client as an extension of their team. Many of our competitors work in silos. This is the difference with Vertex11.

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