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By Ray Vazquez on March 13, 2022

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Setting them up for success today and also as they grow.

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The Challenge

A small Fintech company needed to demonstrate compliance while missing key leadership in critical roles. Even though they were not a large financial juggernaut, it still needed to comply with the same requirements. However, due to a limited budget, they were unable to bring in the necessary resources to meet those conditions. In order to focus on the goals of their current growth cycle, they were challenged with filling in crucial knowledge gaps and developing the structure necessary to demonstrate compliance.

Vertex11’s Role

  • Customized a compliance solution
  • Pulled together resources needed for all requirements
  • Found and filled critical gaps in process, technology, and people so they could focus on growth
  • Maximized their appropriated budget
  • Defined job descriptions and interviewed potential candidates to fill key roles

Success Story

The Fintech company was able to demonstrate all compliance requirements on a limited budget. We helped them fill essential positions until they could grow enough to hire their own people to take over those roles. With everything in place, the company was able to demonstrate compliance, meet stakeholders’ expectations, and focus on continued growth.

The Vertex11 Advantage

Other firms would have thrown three times the number of people at the project than we did, inflating the time and cost. We were able to stay small and nimble because our team was already AWS experienced and had already done this a number of times before with other companies. Our team consisted of ex-auditors and security specialists that understood what “done” means and did not have to consult with the hierarchy you would normally get in a consulting firm. We also prefer to work side-by-side with the client. So as we built things, we were building them together. Coaching the client through the entire process step by step to easily turnkey the project in the end, so they could continue without us. Saving them time and money. We were truly embedded with the client as an extension of their team. Many of our competitors work in silos. This is the difference with Vertex11.

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