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By Ray Vazquez on November 01, 2021

What is the Swarm?
The Vertex11 Swarm network is made up of like-minded companies with varying skill sets that come together to solve any client challenge. Consider it our version of Marvel’s Avengers. From cybersecurity, data privacy, and risk management to finance, marketing, and beyond. The Swarm is an invaluable resource Vertex11 delivers to our clients to help set them up for success. All coordinated and orchestrated by the core team at Vertex11.

Why is Kryptowire a critical addition to the Swarm?
Vertex11 is proud to say Kryptowire, a Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) solution, has joined our Swarm network. When clients come to Vertex11 with a challenge that involves mobile security and monitoring, Kryptowire is our trusted resource with industry-best expertise to help our clients get ahead of security, privacy, and compliance risks. As a part of the Swarm, we work hand-in-hand with Kryptowire to ensure our clients can proactively identify threats and vulnerabilities on all in-house or third-party deployed apps.

“Kryptowire is proud to join the Vertex11 Swarm and partner with the Vertex11 team to protect the new mobile workforce and organizations they serve. With a shared mission of getting ahead of mobile app security risks, we look forward to this collaboration and the opportunity to empower clients with the tools and solutions to tackle security challenges.”— Ted Wolcott, Chief Business Development Officer of Kryptowire

“Having Kryptowire as a part of the Swarm allows Vertex11 to bring in some of the most innovative and advanced abilities to protect mobile applications.”— Ray Vazquez, President of Vertex11

Other members of the Swarm include companies with specialties in Cyber-as-a-Service, Digital Forensics, Risk Management Platforms, and much more. We look forward to growing the Vertex11 Swarm and delivering the industry’s top experts to our clients.

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The Swarm

The Swarm Network is Vertex11’s affiliation with firms across the United States and internationally to provide expertise, capability, and velocity to any challenge our clients face.

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