Manta Spotlight: Raoul Morales

Raoul Morales is leading our Sales & Client Operations at Vertex11. His vision and insights are the driving force behind the growth Vertex11 is experiencing. Raoul’s strategic perspective helps to identify and prioritize the solutions we deliver to our clients. He has an extraordinary talent for uncovering client needs and delivering unparalleled support, both at the beginning of a relationship and throughout the partnership. This is what makes Raoul exceptional in his field and essential to the Vertex11 team.

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Manta Spotlight: Raoul Morales
Summer Book Series

Vertex11 Summer Book Series Kicks Off

Join us for a three-part book series focused on leadership. The same issues have plagued our industry for over 30 years and only leadership can help us move past where we are today. Sure, we could look within the industry for guidance, but the reality is if adequate leadership were there, we would be much farther along in righting the ship. Issues like bad passwords and paying ransom would be…

Continuity of Operations

What can Star Wars teach us about the value of being “young” or “old” as well as the power to reinvent yourself?

Episode 1, the Grand Master of the Jedi High Council, Yoda, points out that Anakin Skywalker is too “old” to train as a Jedi. Anakin is quite young, yet a teenager, but he does not qualify for training. Anakin’s understanding of anger and fear would be difficult to overcome in training, and these traits would lead to the dark side of the force. In Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back,…

Risk Management

What game is your organization playing when it comes to risk and control?

If compliance is the goal you could be setting your company up for failure. The secret to winning risk and control is first and foremost being sure you’re playing the right game against your adversaries. The fact of the matter is, when your moves are all about compliance, you’re playing “checkers.” But adversaries are not. It’s more important than ever to immediately up your game, and how easy it is for you to do so may surprise you.

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