Perspective on the final book in our Summer Book Series: Uncommon Service by Frances Frei & Anne Morriss

You can’t be good at everything. The authors make the case that striving for all-around excellence leads directly to mediocrity. For us, this is really a risk appetite discussion. Does your organization want to try to be great at everything at the risk of being mediocre or even worse? In organizations today, this conversation really isn’t had enough. The case can be made that you’ll never get all the funding you need to make every aspect of cybersecurity great.

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Perspective on the final book in our Summer Book Series: Uncommon Service by Frances Frei & Anne Morriss
Manta Spotlight

Manta Spotlight: Misbahuddin Syed

Misbahuddin Syed is an essential member of the Vertex11 team. He’s an expert in information technology, security, risk management, process re-engineering, and process improvement. Throughout his career, Syed has been responsible for designing and operationalizing programs that manage vulnerabilities, improve security, prevent data loss, and so much more. His certifications are like an alphabet soup that includes CISA, CFE, CISM, and CRISC, just to name a few. Syed has a…

For Good

National Nonprofit Day Spotlight: Richmond Cycling Corps

As the nation celebrates National Nonprofit Day, Vertex11 would like to take this opportunity to recognize one of the nonprofit organizations we support—Richmond Cycling Corps. They’re on a mission to change the lives of Richmond youth living in the heart of the East End by constantly pivoting towards relevant outreach. Speaking with Richmond Cycling Corps Director of Development, Brad Kaplan points out that cycling isn’t mentioned in their mission statement.…

Summer Book Series

Vertex11 Summer Book Series Kicks Off

Join us for a three-part book series focused on leadership. The same issues have plagued our industry for over 30 years and only leadership can help us move past where we are today. Sure, we could look within the industry for guidance, but the reality is if adequate leadership were there, we would be much farther along in righting the ship. Issues like bad passwords and paying ransom would be…

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